Monday, August 06, 2007

The Fabulous Metro Plus Theatre Festival...

...has pretty much sucked until now. Yesterday's 'experimental' plays by Sri Lanka's Stages Theatre were mediocre, and that's being generous. True, no one's probably asked Madras City's astute audience to voice its own opinions before, but the actors were just not up to the task of improvising.

As for Farah Bala the other day. Hmmm. Definitely a man's view of what women are like. Do sisters really 'bond' only by comparing records of sexual experiences and asking each other's opinions on their breast sizes? Get a grip, guys.

The play I rate the highest so far is Harami Theatre's Butter and Mashed Banana. Passably quirky, overtly satirical and quite funny in parts. Example:

Censor Board: "You can't show a woman orgasming!"
Filmmaker: "Why the hell not?"
Censor Board: "She looks too happy!"

'Folk' element is overrated -- just a couple of guys hopping around in ghungroos. Movements were well synchronized though.


Blogger Accidental Fame Junkie said...

Then I am lucky not to have seen any! :)

Fri Aug 17, 05:44:00 pm GMT+5:30  

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